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Pin-Up Reptiles Uses Drawstring Bags for Transportation
Reptile knowledge and good husbandry practices are gained through experience and Eddie Ehrman and his family have over 20 years of experience. “After a few embarrassing experiences and years of trial and error, we still love reptiles and want others to get the same joy of owning them that we get.”

Eddie and his wife came to the conclusion (after much research) that the Ball Python would be the best animal for their business. Eddie is currently breeding clown ball pythons as he loves the morphs (different color patterns) he can breed. To see 3 of the colors, watch the video.
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Pin-Up Reptiles
209 Linden Avenue
Southgate, KY 41071
859 - 391 - 9447

To transport his snakes, Pin-Up Reptiles uses 100% Natural Cotton Drawstring bags. The bags are reusable and Eddie chose to use the Pin-Up logo and have the logo digitally printed and transferred to the bags. “Working with the BAGS team and getting the artwork was easy. The bags are completed quickly, I can order in small quantities and reordering is a snap. Any reptile dealer not printing custom snake bags, is missing out on a great advertising opportunity!”

Pin-Up Reptiles offers customers quality,experience and great packaging. Customers know that they can come to them for advice on any reptile they own. Check out their website at www.pinupreptiles.com and see if you can find the perfect pet for you.
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