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just in time inventory
Save Money, Improve Cash Flow and Gain Flexibility
JUST IN TIME (JIT) INVENTORY is intended to avoid situations in which inventory exceeds demand and places increased burden on your business to manage the extra inventory. Most retailers only want to acquire and carry inventory that meets immediate customer demand. Excess inventory requires higher investment, additional storage and management or carrying costs.

RETAILERS WANT to have just enough stock to avoid outages, which can alienate customers. However, having significantly more inventory than is needed on the sales floor requires significant storage space. Every foot of storage area in a retail store is space unused for sales. Additionally, retailers also pay utilities for storage areas and pay employees to organize and move extra inventory. Plus, excess inventory runs the risk of ending up with unwanted products (old addresses, styles, logos, etc) and having to let them go to waste.

NOW YOU CAN USE JIT Techniques to manage your packaging inventory effectively.

HERE'S HOW: Place your order for a one-year (or more) supply of the products you anticipate you will need. We'll give you a discounted price based on the total quantity of your order - normally up to 15% or more. Then we'll divide your order into segments (usually months, but we're flexible!) and we'll spread the total order quantity across these time segments. Most often this simply means dividing the quantity equally over the segments. So, for example, if your total anticipated annual usage is 1200 bags, and your time segment is monthly, we would schedule 100 bags/month. You get the quantity discount without having to take the full quantity at once - Save Money!

AS SOON AS YOU are ready we'll produce and ship you the products scheduled in your first segment. Once those are delivered, we will immediately begin work on the second segment products and hold them in inventory for you. When you're ready for segment two (or on a pre-determined schedule) we'll ship and begin production of segment three. That way, you will always have the next segment ready and never be out of bags ... ever again. And you pay only for the bags that are actually produced. Paying for actual usage with ZERO lead time - Improve Cash Flow!

BUT IT DOESN'T stop there. Since we only make one segment at a time, if you need to change the design - no problem. Let's say you want a special Holiday design for the end of the year. Just let us know and we'll change the segment scheduled for the season to your new design. Or maybe you'd like to add a new size - no problem! Let us know and it will be included in the next segment. Special sales, event promotions, joint marketing plans, new locations ... what ever you need - We can build it right into the JIT plan. You get the chance to make changes as needed - Gain Flexibility.

AND THERE'S STILL more. Have multiple locations? No problem .... each location can have it's own unique set of bags, each managed separatly. Multiple products? Again, no problem. Multiple sizes? Can do. How about multiple locations with multiple products in different sizes? Yep, our systems can handle that, too. And, of course, we can put this all on-line for you so that you can manage everything right from your trusty iPad.

COMBINE ALL OF THIS with on demand reviews and regular monthly reporting, and you have a complete Just In Time system. Find out more about how you can:
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Just in Time (JIT): a strategy that strives to improve a business' return on investment by reducing inventory and associated carrying costs.
Save Money, Improve Cash Flow and Gain Flexibility
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... And it works for us too!

JIT saves you money because it saves us money. We can plan our raw material purchases better and schedule our production facilites more effciently. The resulting cost savings can be passed on to you - so everyone benefits from JIT!
Business Intelligence...

Because all of your usage data is stored in our databases, once we have some history, we can begin to analyze your usage and predict future requirments. We watch seasonal trends, trends by location, design, sizes, etc. to help you develop a more complete picture of your packaging needs and the effectiveness of your programs.

Most of this information is available in monthy reports but we can also do
ad hoc analyses based on your requirements.
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