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Unique ides for printing on Basic Cloth Bags
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custom printing
Digital Printing Technology Changes Everything!
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Our printing processes are completely digital using only environmentally-friendly water based inks.
• Print unlimited colors (up to 16 million!)
no extra charge

• Print one item or thousands

• Print Photos or High-Res graphics

• Eliminate plates & expensive set-up fees
USING OUR UNIQUE proprietary printing process, you're free to design exactly the cloth bag you want. From a single color logo to a full color photo of your store - we can print it on your bag. Plus you order only what you need. There are NO minimum order quantities or 'runs' - order just one if you like.
OUR UNIQUE DIGITAL printing process insures a crisp, accurate reproduction of your artwork. We've developed a proprietary printing process to print on cloth - whether printing on bags, aprons,shirts, etc - that is very cost effective and flexible.

Using Our High-Speed Digital Transfer process, the image is printed on one of our specially developed substrates and quickly transfered to the product under high heat and pressure (typically 450+°F @ 100+psi for 1 to 2 seconds). This bonds the image directly to the cloth fibers leaving a clean copy. .

Unlike screen printing systems, our process uses no harmful chemicals or solvents of any kind making it very eco-friendly. All iof the inks we use are water bsed which makes clean-up very easy. Also, since all of the colors are applied at once, there is never a registration issue with the final image.

Since the ink actually bonds to the cloth fibers, all of the products printed using our process are completely washable and can be dried in homer dryers. The inks will not run and the products can be cleaned an reused over and over.
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UNLIKE OTHER PACKAGING, consumers will keep and reuse cloth bags for a long time .... giving you a great opportunity to remind your customers of the value and service you provided. Be creative and the bags will be around forever:
HOLD A COLORING contest - print the winning entries on your bags

DESIGN UNIQUE BAGS for special occasions - Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, July 4th, etc. etc.

IF YOU HAVE multiple locations - design a different bag for each store. Create great graphics and the bags will become collectable!

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AND YOU'LL FIND lots more ideas all over our site .... plus we'd love to add your ideas to the collection. Just jump over to the CONTACT PAGE and add your thoughts. Thanks!
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