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The Economy, Hand-Wringing and Reshoring
IN THE 16 years since we started this business, we've witnessed a major shift in the packaging industry - off-shoring. Most packaging products have gone from Made in America to Made anywhere but America.

WOW! YOU SAY. Isn't that what has happened in almost all of American manufacturing? Truth is, it has. Estimates show that more than 6 million manufacturing jobs have shifted from US Shores over that period. But an interesting thing has accompanied that shift in the packaging industry. Users, consumers of packaging products, have been 'retrained' to accept new standards - new paradigms - that allow this off-shoring to succeed. While off-shore labor may be inexpensive and lower the product pricing, in order to create practical product offerrings suppliers have been forced to increase lead times, raise minimum orders and deal with inconsistent quality.

IT'S NOT UNUSUAL to hear minimum requirements of 20,000, 30,000 or more units. You might require 10 - 12 week lead times. Or you might be quoted 4 weeks and actually get delivery in 14. It might take a week or more to get a real price quotation; you might not even be able to get a sample. Over-runs might be as high as up to 25%. Only limited customization may be available. But combined with lower labor and overhead costs, the price per piece can look very attractive.

SO WE ACCEPT the new 'rules', order our Holiday packaging in May, and save money .?.?.? If you can't get what you want ... or need ... you take what you can get. Right?

NOT SO FAST ... We're going to BREAK THE RULES! We're bringing back the manufacturing right here to Longmont, Colorado. And, with your help, we're going to once again offer competitive products with the flexibility you want and the quality you demand.

HOW CAN WE do it? We believe there are three keys to success:
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reshoring (Noun): the reverse migration or transfer of a business operation (esp. manufacturing) back to its country of origin; the reversal of outsourcing or off-shoring.
1. TECHNOLOGY - We must use the latest available technologies to manufacture and print our cloth bags. But it can't stop there. We must also apply technology to our entire operating process, from order management to quality control and on through shipping.

2. INNOVATION - When we can't find the right technologies, we will develop new ways to do things. We must continually improve our processes and find better ways to make and deliver our products We cannot accept 'that's the way it has always been done ....'

3. PRODUCTIVITY - American workers have always been the world's most productive. We need to take advantage of that trait and provide an environment that can improve and enhance our productivity.
TODAY ALL OF OUR printing is digital and done here in Colorado. We are making all Tie-Top bags and all custom bags in our plant locally. And we are continuing to develop new products and offerings every day. Yes, we do still import some stock products and sizes and probably always will. After all, we can't expect to be the best at everything. But when it makes sense - and we can be competitive - we will feature Made in the USA.

CAN WE BE SUCCESSFUL? Only you can tell us. Tell us what you want - share your thoughts and ideas. Drop us note and tell us what's on your mind.
No Minimum Quantities

Order just what you need from 1 to 1000+

Short Lead Times

Normal lead times for custom products are less than two weeks - depending on your order, lead times may be only 1 day

Reduced Shipping Costs

US orders ship USPS, UPS or FedEx, taking advantage of the best pricing available

Faster Shipment Times

Shipment times in the US range from 1 to 4 days as opposed to 2 -3 months from overseas.

Consistent Quality

Products are made in the same place by the same staff - and you can talk directly to the plant!
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