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Here's a new twist on our natural cotton Parts Bags - we call them TIE-TOPS. They're made a little taller with no drawstring so you can tie them on the outside. Use anything you like to tie them up and create an exciting package. We've created a few samples below - using wraphia, ribbon, sting, and other stuff we found around the show room. Plus, if you'd like to seal them up tight, they're easy to stitch closed.

Our unique tie-top bags are made from
100% Natural Cotton material - including the stitching - and are now available in 5 stock sizes. Of course, just like all of our Basic Cloth Bags, they're Mother Nature Approved!

Better still - these bags are 100%
Made in the USA!

Tie-Tops are normally available in bundles of 100 bags, but they are also available as singles. Buy just what you need when you need them. Please give us a call for more information. Note that pricing below does not include shipping or applicable sales taxes. Normal shipping charges (USPS ground) will be added to your purchase when your order is received.
Custom Printing
Yes, your cloth bags can be custom printed with your artwork - on one or two sides - or even wrapped around the whole bag. Printing charges include as many colors as you like and are solely based on the coverage area. Standard charges shown with each product are for a minimum of 1 pack (100 bags). However, we can print any number from 1 to 10,000+. Just give us a call for detailed pricing information. We can even produce custom samples for a minimal charge.
Custom Sizes & Details
A full range of custom sizes is available as well. We can size a bag to your specific needs. And, of course, any custom bag can be printed to meet your needs. Just give us a call, and we'll design a bag just for you.
Additional Information
We've tried to give you a quick overview of our Cloth Tie-Top Bags - but there are many, many options available. Please give us a call and we'll try to find a solution to match your requirements. We can get very creative!

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